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scene of the construction site
Picture above: Bird's Nest (China's National Stadium for Beijing 2008 Olympics) membrane structure that covers 100,000 seats;  the whole stadium has NO SINGLE OBSTACLE to block audience view.

Membrane Structure at Shanghai 2010 World Expo

Membrane Structure: clearspan construction
Membrane Structure for Big Event

Sunny Valley at Shanghai 2010 World Expo

The Expo Boulevard is the main entrance and transport center for the Expo sites, and will connect the Chinese Pavilion, the Theme Pavilion, the Performance Pavilion and Metro lines 7, 8, and 13.  According to the Bureau of Shanghai World Expo Coordination, 23 percent of the estimated 70 million visitors will enter the sites through the Expo Boulevard every day.  A membrane fabric structure will be constructed to cover the entire Expo Boulevard (Expo Axis).

Made of steel and special membrane fabric, the Sunny Valleys will collect rainfall and direct sunlight into the underground levels of the Expo Boulevard in a project that will accent environmental friendliness and the economical use of resources.

However, the difficulties in building these Sunny Valleys are tremendous.  There are about 10,000 steel structure joints in the six valleys and every joint has a different angle and position.

In addition, a piece of large-scale membrane-structure roof of first grade, which will cover an area of 1,780 square meters and will be the largest one-piece membrane fabric in the world at present,

All 6 valleys along the 1-kilometer World Expo Boulevard. will be covered by this 40-meter-high horn-shaped one-piece membrane fabric.

The TY Membrane Structure Company of Shanghai, China is the subcontract to design, fabricate, and build these membrane fabric structure.

Address: Unit 3601, Kaixuan Building, 2200 Kaixuan Road, Shanghai - 200030, China
Tel.: (+86) 21-64484130 (Chinese language only)

Membrane Structure for Large Stadium Membrane Structure for Big Event Membrane Structure for Wall Cladding Membrane Structure - Steel Structure Membrane Material, Fabrication, & Installation
Membrane Structure for Large Stadium Membrane Structure
for Big Event
Membrane Structure for Wall Cladding Membrane Structure - Steel Structure Membrane Material, Fabrication, & Installation

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